From time to time user's do report issues linking their wealth portal with a financial institution such as a superannuation fund whether it's industry or retail fund.

Often in this instance the issue is with relation to the complex data-link process that occurs between the wealth portal and the relevant financial institution. In this instance the first suggestion that I would make is to give the technology a chance to resolve itself, in some cases it can take 5 to 10 minutes for the data-linking to occur and for this information to reflect on your wealth portal. In the event that you have given in 5 to 10 minutes to link the Data and you are still experiencing an error message what I need to request from you is for you to send us a detailed email so that we can investigate and resolve the matter for you.

Please send an email to and with details of the login name you're using, what you're trying to update, and a screenshot of the error you are experiencing as well as any other relevant information. Once the information has been provided to us we will commence investigation process with our technology partners and will aim to resolve the issues as soon as possible. Given the nature of the issue at hand can take at least a week to investigate the matter and provide a suitable solution.